A unique self starter, Katarina seeks to apply her skills and knowledge of sales and marketing to exciting opportunities where she can continue to learn, grow, maximize her potential, and have fun. Strong and demonstrated dynamic sales disposition with over 20 years of experience in a multitude of sales driven industries and business consulting. Katarina thrives because of her above average interpersonal and communication skills. She excels through demonstrated sales and marketing skills as well as working as a team player who thrives in an energetic and collaborative environment. Accomplished exceptional customer service with extensive international work experience.

Katarina Mikulic
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Investor Relations

- Review present strategy or start from scratch

- Custom Investor Relations Plans

- Implementation and Reporting

- Maximize investor engagement and communication strategy

Investor Line

-Dedicated telephone line for investor info

-Regular investor check-in

-Effective reporting

Database Management

-Existing Shareholders

-Potential investors

-Ensure optimal tracking and recording

-Organic Lead Generation

-Network management

Public Relations

-Creative and Effective Content Creation

-Strategic and timely dissemination

-PR Calendar

- Press Releases, Investor Presentations, promo materials

Event Management

-Conceptual Design of Corporate Events


-Tradeshow management and implementation

-Strategic Networking events

Social Media

-Effective Social Media Strategy

-Account Set-up, Maintenance, and Reporting

-Content creation across all major account

-Latest strategy and advances in technology


Wherever you are at in your Business Journey, Rastika Investment Corp. can assist you. Our expertise and experience when it comes to managing investor relations through the use of a multitude of strategies is what sets us apart. If you are ready to rise above your competitors, feel free to contact us!

rastika services